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Bethesda Garden Temple Churches, Inc.

"Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord (PS :100:1)
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~ Welcome to our Sanctuary ~


Bethesda Garden Temple Churches, Inc.

Bishop Edward Patrick & Co-Pastor Cynthia Patrick
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3262, Newark, NJ 07108
(908) 234-2591; (201) 349-6376;
Bethesda Garden Temple Churches, Inc. is formerly known as Garden State Temple Church of the New Testament, established in 1972 by Bishop Edward J. Patrick. In 1994 the organization was renamed to Bethesda Garden Temple Churches, Inc. Our organization's objective is to provide a center for healing, charity, empowerment, and discipleship throughout and beyond the Tri-State Area. We supply food for the hungry and supportive services for the homeless to help them to find affordable housing and shelter. We also provide counseling for HIV/AIDs victims, Domestic Abuse and Rape victims, alcoholics, drug users and substance dependent individuals and their families.

Our staff assists unemployed adults with resume writing, interviewing skills, and resources to find employment. We provide weekly religious services for individuals in need of spiritual guidance, counseling for at-risk youth and recreational activities for children and adolescents during after school hours, weekends, and during holiday recessions. We also hold programs and services to build and strengthen the community, such as Health, Domestic Violence, Harassment, and Child Abuse Awareness Workshops, Youth Scholarship Programs and Benefits, Annual Black History Celebration, Annual Christmas Recital with Toy Distribution to children in need, Thanksgiving Can Drive, and our Annual Winter Coat and Clothes Drives. We are guided by desire to help and serve others to the best of our capacity.

"Make a joyful noise unto the LORD all ye Lands!"(Psalms 100:11)

Sunday Service


Held at 5:00pm

Hopewell Baptist Church

17 Muhammad Ali Ave

Newark, NJ 07108

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Experience Miracles!

Bishop Edward J. Patrick was born on November 21st. He is the son of Will and Allie Mae Patrick and eldest of nine siblings. On December 7, 1991 Bishop Patrick married Evangelist Cynthia Patrick, now Co-Pastor of Bethesda Garden. In 1952-1954, Bishop Patrick served in the U.S. Army in Korea, during the Korean War then proceeded to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve for eight years. Bishop has received seven Battle Stars of Declaration and has been honored for his courage and faith on the battlefield. In Ohio, from Columbus University Bishop Patrick attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and in New York he received a Master of Arts Degree in Theology. In Florida, Bishop attained his Doctorate Degree in Divinity and in Maryland his Doctorate Degree in Homiletics.


In 1959, Edward J. Patrick was ordained as a Bishop by Bishop George Graham from his home church, Overcoming Faith Church of God. In 1972, Bishop Edward J. Patrick established Garden State Temple Church, under the apostolic teachings and sound doctrine of Jesus Christ. In 1994, the name Garden State Temple Church was amended to Bethesda Garden Temple Churches, Inc. Bishop Patrick has successfully overcome many trials and obstacles and with love, sweat, tears, and dedication has guided Bethesda Garden Temple to sustain a legacy of faith, healing, worship, charity and holiness; upheld by flat-foot and unadulterated teachings of God and the Holy Bible.

Bishop has served his community well, providing food to the hungry, counseling for individuals and families, recreation activities for the youth, and has extended a supportive hand to other Ministries through the United States. Bishop is an anointed man of God. He is a respected and well-known a spiritual warrior for his sound doctrine of the Lord’s teachings. Bishop Patrick is a man of God worthy of all honor and glory.



Our Objective

To provide educational services and programs for women, children, veterans, and needy families in our community, as well as to motivate and encourage our youth to become focused on productive and positive goals.

Our Vision

    NehemiahBuilding Fund Project


We are raising funds to obtain a facility for our organization, so that we can provide educational services and assistance programs for women, children, veterans and low-income families in our community and neighboring communities.

We thank you in advance for your support in this project.

Be blessed!


"Ask, and it shall begiven unto you; seek, and ye shall find."

(Matthew 7:7).

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Bethesda Garden Temple Churches, Inc

P.O. Box 3262, Newark, NJ07108

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